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About Our Club

The following was taken from the archives. Many thanks to the people that helped me find this history. On August 22, 1972, a gathering took place at Stapleton’s Hotel. The gathering was the beginning of snowmobile club. These are the minutes from first meeting. Mr. Jack Fredrickson invited Gil Wiedmann, president of Big Bend snowmobile club, to discuss the organization of a club.

Ideas presented were:

  • – Nominate officers
  • – Adopt bylaws
  • – Family memberships
  • – Trail insurance
  • – Written permission from land owners
  • – Board of Directors
  • – Club name – card – patches
  • – Mark trails
  • – Monthly meetings
  • – Pros & cons of helmets

Officers elected were:

  • – President: Jack Fredrickson
  • – Trail Master: Ken Wollerman
  • – Secretary: Donna Stapleton
  • – Treasurer: Jeanne Ann Fredrikson
  • – Public Relations: Windy Stapleton & Joe Fleming

A second meeting was called to order on September 20, 1972. Club insurance price was dependent on whether we joined the alliance or not. Membership shall not exceed 50 families. Arty made a motion that our area would take in a two mile radius, Mike Marquardt seconded. Arty also made a motion that the meetings be held every third Tuesday of the month. Jeanne Ann seconded it, voted and approved. There was an open discussion on helmets. They are not mandatory by the state; it’s up to the individuals. Joining the alliance was then discussed. Chuck P. made a motion to leave it up to the Board of Directors, whether to join or not. Seconded by Jerry M. The club name was left up to the Board. Board agreed that the membership dues by paid be October 31st.

A third meeting was called to order on October 17, 1972. Jack and Jeanne attended the alliance meeting in order to join. Our club must be voted on by the alliance board. They requested we show proof that each club member has insurance on his or her machine as well as show some progress on getting a trail. Trail master Ken W. said that a trail from North Lake through Stone Bank to Okauchee Lake was in the making. Bob Fleming suggested that each family contribute to the making of these trails. Arty made a motion that all families do their duty in any project.

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